The Loss of a Phenomenal Woman

My heaImagert dropped at hearing of the passing of Dr. Maya Angelou.  Death is imminent but it always comes as a surprise when it is someone of high esteem and reputation; a person celebrated through the media for their talent and gift.  I never had the opportunity to hear or meet Dr. Angelou in person, only knew of her work through her poems and acting. But there was a familiarity, like I knew her.  Maybe it was watching her in Roots when I was a young impressionable girl trying to understand what was happening in the movie.  I remember my mother proudly saying the character was being played by Dr. Maya Angelou. Or as a wounded young woman receiving the solemn wisdom Dr. Angelou’s character imparted as an elder in a Tyler Perry Madea movie a few years back. Dr. Angelou embodied many of the characteristics of a loving mother, astute teacher, protective big sister, and insightful best friend. It is interesting how a person’s life and character can impact other’s lives just by the person doing what they do best, and that’s just being who they were destined to be. When you learn of Dr. Angelou’s background and actually intently read and listen to her work, you feel the rawness of her life’s experience but gravitate to her faith and wise belief for better in other’s lives.  She seemed to harbor no ill will about her past, just acceptance for what is, and a genuine forgiveness for what was. Always warmly humble yet incalculably inspiring in sharing her stories and expressing her artistic self.  While her earthly presence will be missed, her spirit remains in a legacy of artistic talent acknowledged through presidential recognition anImaged professional accomplishments. But more importantly her love and hope remains in the lives of those she touched indirectly, like me, through her divine presence. I am now even more inspired to continue writing because of the life experienced and shared with the world by Dr. Angelou.  May we all be so blessed as to live, learn, experience passion for life and unconditional love for humankind.  You’ve done well, good and faithful servant…RIP Dr. Angelou.

Now it’s time for me to go out and kick some butt…


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