Road to Wealth in Trucking Business

Know someone with a CDL license and looking to expand their opportunity options? The independent trucking business may be an option. One source for starting a trucking business is the Small Business Administration. Also check out some current freight trends and analysis about the freight industry. Trucking is a billion dollar industry, according to and employs an estimated 8.9 mitruck1llion people in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Being an independent operator or starting a trucking company can be a lucrative business but has its challenges. To learn a personal first-hand account on building,
re-building and growing a trucking business, check out the blog for Truckers Road to Wealth.  It is a story of a motivated entrepreneur who is sharing his story about building success in the trucking industry. It is always encouraging when growing a business idea to have encouragement and support from those who’ve overcome or have pearls of wisdom to share to make the transition for others a lot easier.  Happy reading and best wishes in your entrepreneurial pursuits…

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