Everyone Is Looking For Love

Someone recently sent me a link to a new online advice website for lo2 love goddessve, dating and relationships because they thought I would really like the name.  Well, I DID which made me curious to visit, especially because I’m always looking for interesting things to write about.  I was actually pretty impressed with the website and their logo; very classy. They obviously are just getting up and running because no real advice being dispensed just yet but I would say it’s promising. I mean after all, isn’t everyone looking for love?! The key is going to be if they can build followers and provide good and consistent dialogue on their subject matter.  That should be easy because life is all about relationships and plenty of people are trying to navigate them, especially through social media vehicles and online dating. And if you are a fan of reality television, there are enough shows that highlight the good, bad, and ugly of love, dating and relationships. I plan to keep checking on their progress and post back in about a month to see how it’s going.  But if you’re interested, you can visit them at askalovegoddess.com and on Twitter at @askalovegoddess and let me know what you think, too.

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