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©Aldorado10 | - At Or Email Button

©Aldorado10 | – At Or Email Button

Efficiency and effectiveness are key strategies for entrepreneurs and small business owners. There is little time, often tight financial resources, but lots to get done.  That is why when working recently with a real estate business owner to manage client communication, I sought out a way to use Gmail more effectively for initial communications, and wanted to pass along for those still building their lists and not using CRM or auto responder systems, as of yet.

If you are initially responding to your clients with the same message, why not set up Gmail email template. This will save you time from looking for an old response and doing a copy and paste each time.  It is very simple to do; took me less than five minutes and became a great time saver.  And the even better thing about this is its absolutely FREE.

So here are the steps.

1.  Open your Gmail Account.

2.  Access the “Settings” option (looks like a gear symbol in top right left).

3.  Click on the “Labs” option on menu banner.

4. Scroll to “Canned Responses” and select “enable.”

5. Click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the page; Gmail will reload.

6.  Compose a message as you normally would.  However, this time, select “more options” located in the bottom right and click “New canned response” from a drop-down list, and give the response a unique identifier that  you’ll remember.

7. Type (or cut and paste) the text into the email message leaving the “To” field empty.  You can add a Title into the “Subject” field and it should save.

8. Save as a canned response and exit out of message.

9.  To use, click “Compose” and a regular message will appear.  To access the appropriate canned response, go to the menu option identified by an arrow in the bottom right and select “Canned Response” and pick the appropriate response.

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