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Freelancing and Networking For Powerful Connections


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There are many rewards to freelancing and working as a consultant. Besides the opportunity to reap financially, freelancing – when done correctly – allows great opportunity for self-development and establishing new relationships.

One of the challenges I hear from aspiring freelancers is not only how can they find clients but where can they access professional development tools to help them continue to hone their skills and learn new trends. What I have found to be beneficial is attending business networking functions and joining networking organizations and niche marketing groups. I have personally and professionally grown from the experiences and highly recommend for those seeking ways to expand their freelancing exposure.

Networking Really Does Work

At a recent networking event of The National Business Chamber (TNBC) in Gwinnett County, Georgia, I’ve had the opportunity to meet potential clients, learn about new products and services, and enrich my skills through training presentations. For example, I had never heard of Wildtree, an All-Natural and Organic Food Products company, but TNBC member Stephanie French hosted a lunch and learn session for the organization. Not only did she provide a beautiful luncheon spread featuring Wildtree products, sauces and grapeseed oils, she also shared information on healthy and clean eating and living and the difference it’s made in her family’s life.

Youth Entrepreneur Ellie Peters, Founder, Cool2SweetSoap.com

Youth Entrepreneur Ellie Peters, Founder, Cool2SweetSoaps.com

One of my favorite people at TNBC is Ellie Peters and her mom, Jen. Ellie is a 12-year-old youth entrepreneur and owner of Cool2SweetSoap.com, a natural bath and body products company. Ellie makes face and bath soaps, bath fizzies, a dog shampoo, and shaving soap. What began as a family project to cure a relative’s dry skin, has morphed into a thriving soap business for Ellie. Her products are great for sensitive and dry skin, made with the finest organic ingredients and essential oils. Her products are great as gift items and can be purchased online and in select local retail businesses. I recommended a friend to the company who was looking for a unique gift item for Father’s Day. I suggested they consider the Pokey Be Gone shaving soap and Spring Fresh (vegan) soap.

Finding Your Niche Group

There are many specialties to consider as a freelancer and one that has proven beneficial for me is the Freelance Writers Den. This organization provides insight for freelance writers on growing their income, finding clients, and training on new skills sets, like How to Write White Papers and Effectively Pitching News Stories. What is unique about this organization is it’s a membership site hosted by accomplished freelance writer Carol Tice who has years of experience writing for national publications. In The Den, Carol shares her secrets and tips for achieving a six figure freelance writing income, and act as a coach to motivate and encourage aspiring freelance writers.

freelancewritersden_300x300_badgeThe Den is a very popular network community amongst writers, and many boast of exponentially growing their income from joining the community. Each month, the site features members only special training calls with access to some of the best writers and editors. Currently there is a waiting list to join The Den, but for a limited time, the Den will be open for membership on Thursday, June 11. But to get in, you have to already be on the waiting list. If you are serious about growing your income, you don’t want to miss out on joining the Den.

Being involved with TNBC and The Freelance Writers Den are just two of the organizations that have been instrumental in growing my freelance and consulting business. While many believe that this is an easy opportunity to pursue, it requires a lot of work to get the right combination of resources and leads. Growing a freelance business is really about exposure and visibility. And sometimes the best opportunities become available just from being present.

Transform 2014 with Pamela Bruner

Transform with Pamela Bruner, Charlotte, NC, June 18-20, 2014

Transform with Pamela Bruner, Charlotte, NC, June 18-20, 2014

I’m done with my 12 Day Good Belly Probiotic Drink Challenge and have had some success but more about that later.

For the next few days I am at Pamela Bruner’s Transform 2014 Conference in Charlotte, NC learning marketing and business tips for “Tapping Into Wealth and Business Mastery.”  There are over 200 people in attendance maximizing their innate skills and abilities as business coaches and entrepreneurs. Each is committed to moving their business goals to another level not only through sales growth, but personal insight into how to remove self-sabotaging behavior that could be blocking business success.

The highlight for the first day was learning to use the emotional freedom technique (EFT) and tapping to tap into the body’s own energy source to shift paradigms and limiting beliefs to transform the business mindset. I had never heard of tapping and found it to be an interesting activity. I will discuss more about tapping in a later post as well as create a video demonstrating the basic technique that I’ve learned today.

The real work of the conference began as we learned marketing tips to attract more clients and sell more effectively.  Did you know that marketing is really about ensuring that the client feels heard and understood?  To accomplish this, however, you have to 1) identify your target market, 2) go where they are, 3) connect when you get there, and 4) follow up when you get home.  Seems simple enough but can often be challenging if you are not the extroverted type.  But keep in mind that networking will always remain the key principle activity of marketing that gets results, and one that should never be discounted in today’s social-networked reality of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Those marketing tools are great but you know, sometimes you have to get out there and get in the potential client’s face armed with your 30 second elevator pitch and a smile. Just remember to be more interested, than interesting.

Hope this information is helpful and encourages someone today who may be struggling as an entrepreneur or considering taking the leap into entrepreneurship.  Life is too short to be unhappy at a job that drains you so do what you love and gifted at performing to create your dream business.

I will be back tomorrow with more tidbits from the conference.

Road to Wealth in Trucking Business

Know someone with a CDL license and looking to expand their opportunity options? The independent trucking business may be an option. One source for starting a trucking business is the Small Business Administration. Also check out some current freight trends and analysis about the freight industry. Trucking is a billion dollar industry, according to Truckinginfo.net and employs an estimated 8.9 mitruck1llion people in trucking-related jobs; nearly 3.5 million were truck drivers. Being an independent operator or starting a trucking company can be a lucrative business but has its challenges. To learn a personal first-hand account on building,
re-building and growing a trucking business, check out the blog for Truckers Road to Wealth.  It is a story of a motivated entrepreneur who is sharing his story about building success in the trucking industry. It is always encouraging when growing a business idea to have encouragement and support from those who’ve overcome or have pearls of wisdom to share to make the transition for others a lot easier.  Happy reading and best wishes in your entrepreneurial pursuits…