Greetings! I am Nina (to my pre-50 fam and friends), but please call me ANN, my middle name on my birth certificate.  Yes, life evolves and change is always good. I am a writer,  editor, proofreader, problem solver extraordinaire, and sometimes doctoral student.  I have added content from my former business blog, Own Your Idea, to combine my blogs for 2018.  No need to be pulled in multiple directions, right?

People often ask my why the name “Diva Nina” for my blog.   Well…in 2000, I launched a 501c3 female youth development organization in Stone Mountain, GA, called DIVA Girls, Inc., which stood for Divinely Inspired and Very Awesome Girls.  The focus was on girl empowerment, self esteem and healthy decision-making, and youth leadership.  It was something I was very proud of and received several project grants to develop a girls health summit, summer camp programs, and anti-smoking campaign.

The organization no longer exists but the spirit of what I created remains imprinted in my heart to remind myself to own my awesomeness and power as a divinely inspired and very awesome girl!  I channel that energy through this blog that I hope motivates and inspires the same greatness in you. My goal is to create dialogue, share stories and learn through your stories. As the late Dr. Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

Love, Light and Peace, Always.


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  1. Jackie Wilson

    Hey, cousin:

    Thank you so much for sharing your blog! I am so proud of you and am thoroughly enjoying reading your thoughts and reflections! You are motivating me to continue with my writing as well.

    Take care and stay blesed!

    Love ya



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