Bounty and Overflow

Overflow…At 6:30 am on News Years Day 2021, my toilet began to overflow.  Simply great!  Not how I expected my New Year’s morning to begin. Once I was able to stop the water seeping onto the floor barely missing my new Persian-inspired World Market bath rug, I chuckled because as I had been contemplating my intention word for 2021, I had decided on “overflow.”  More specifically, a positive abundance of overflow mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.  While I wanted to climb back into the bed, I was instead embracing the irony of my intention word while simultaneously pulling out bleach, Dawn, Fabuloso, and a steam mop to clean up a toilet overflow mishap.  I recognized that I needed to shift my perspective and see the positive in the situation.  I was aware that I needed to be specific when I meditated on my intention and to remember that there is power in words. I am so excited to begin 2021 and embrace the possibilities that await from the abundance of positive overflow that awaits me. If there was anything learned from 2020, it was learning to adapt to situations out of my control.  While for many, the pandemic and national lockdown created anxiety and frustration, I found time for needed restoration and discovered such an indescribable peace, and renewed focus on wellness as a lifestyle. I also found and activated my inner lioness. I am ever grateful for what 2020 brought to me, personally, even amid chaos happening all around me.  I felt shielded and protected in a world that seemed scary and panicked. Still, I carry this same momentum into 2021 as the world continues to embrace change amidst conflict, confusion, and mayhem. I embrace the expectancy of positive overflow and a guiding my life and movements. 

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