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One Word: #Dream2018

LOVE.  This was my 2017 intention.  The word I chose to guide my actions.  It wasn’t always easy to LOVE but I focused my LOVE through praying, extending gratitude, and being genuinely hopeful and happy in my life.  I greeted negativity with non-resistance, allowing it to evaporate into the nothingness of its origin and intent. LOVE prevailed so that I could focus on relationships, situations and circumstances that were for my highest and best.

But alas, as I usher in 2018, a new word beckons my heart with  It is DREAM.  As a young girl, I remember many of my dreams and aspirations become shattered by adults nursing their own fear, pain and regret.  They probably believed their words and actions were for my best.  Over the years, those thoughts rented space in my psyche and my dreams and desires became lost in the mundane race called life, my spirit beaten down yearly by misplaced expectations. The world and its people can be so cruel.

Today, however, I serve an eviction notice to the uninvited guests who have become comfortable and overstayed their welcome.  You are no longer welcome here! This is not personal, but necessary. It’s now time to move along.  I don’t care where you go, but be gone by midnight. There is only enough space to unpack my long-lost DREAMs; recycling not allowed. Besides, the locks have already been changed and anything left behind is being placed in the trash on the curb.  Sayonara.

Welcome #DREAM2018 #ONEWORD365

Business Spotlight from Yelp: Live at Tabernacle (Atlanta)

onli sparkling flavored beverage in espresso with swiss hazelnut

onli sparkling flavored beverage in espresso with swiss hazelnut

Yelp: Live at Tabernacle (Atlanta) was held a week ago on Saturday, August 9, and even in spite of the bad thunderstorms that may have deterred some guests, it was an active social scene for singles and couples who came out in droves to sample products, hear live music, network and just have FUN!  Just a few of my favorites from the night were henna tattoos by Miracle Beauty Salon (beautiful artistic hand designs); onli sparkling flavored water, Zico chocolate coconut water, Honest Tea (refreshingly delicious, natural and healthy drinks); Hokulia shaved Hawaiian ice (mouthwatering); Caja Popcorn (tantalizing); NaanStop Indian Cuisine and Chai Pani (OMG), RA Sushi (the best); and Kind Healthy Snacks (amazing; have to try the honey smoked bbq almond protein bar).

Besides the food sampling, I enjoyed music by a band I had not heard before, Che’Zee, an R&B acoustic duo, and was impressed with their sound and vibe.  I attended the event with a few good friends, but I met some interesting people, too, like Blu.J.  She is an intuitive life coach and owns Tarot Bound.  Her focus is on empowering people to use their intuition to guide them in creating wealth, attracting meaningful relationships, and generally, create the life they want to have.

“There is nothing mystical about intuition,” Blu.J says.  “We all have intuition, you know that feeling that we have deep down inside that we often ignore.  I help people to process their problems and guide them to the truth that already exists but buried deep down in their subconscious.  This approach empowers them to make choices with the right information.”

I engaged her so much (well I asked her too many questions) that she told me she would offer free readings for those who email her at [email protected] and place in the subject line “Diva Nina Writes.”  She emailed me the video that I’ve shared below. Blu.J  says the tarot never lies and the proof will be in her readings and the transformation that people experience in their lives. So, I want proof, so go email her, please.

Wow, is all I can say.  I saw and learned so much and definitely got more from the Yelp event than hanging out with some good friends, which was my only the plan.  But now I hope to attend future Yelp events because this was an enjoyable and great experience.

If you attended Yelp: Live at the Tabernacle (Atlanta) and want to share your experience, please do so in the comments below.

NAMS12 Atlanta Highlights

The NAMS12 conference concludes tomorrow but you can make plans now to join us on March 20-22, 2015 in Atlanta for NAMS13.  For a limited time, you can reserve your seat for only $100, which is a mega deal for the training, tools, and resources that you receive because this conference is worth thousands.  But you must act fast because the promotion ends Sunday, August 3 at 5:00 p.m. at the conclusion of the conference. I promise you won’t be disappointed with this investment because it will be the best one you can make for yourself if you have a vision to start an online business.

Below are some highlights from my experience:

  • The best and brightest in internet marketing shared secrets to creating a successful online business, such as businessman and author Paul Evans who speak on his 5 Stones success model, photographer and expert media show creator Tony Laidig’s take on reinventing life with a mindset shift, and online marketing strategist Connie Ragen Green’s transformation manifestation.
  • Hands on workshops with tangible results before you leave the conference such as Michelle Schoen’s presentation on creating marketing videos using PowerPoint and and Christine Cobb’s presentation on how to make visitors list subscribers.
  • Meeting Internet millionaire and adwords marketing genius Greg Cesar, who built an online business from scratch.  He is a humble yet extremely fascinating and knowledgeable person about adwords, online marketing, and niche marketing.

Impressed yet? I thought so.  Hope you join us in March 2015!