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AWAKEN NOBLE LIONESS…Your pride awaits

It’s five days into 2020 and I’m finally posting my annual power/focus word for the year.  It took a minute because I was meditating, contemplating, and confirming what my gut was telling me. But first, let me rewind and say that 2019 was a great year in my life.  I THRIVED in so many areas that I credit to God and the Universe aligning in my favor, and staying focused on my goals and other things that were important to me. I saw great advances in my journey that are too numerous to detail.  And while not quite where I want to be yet, I am pleased with my growth and progress. My 2019 takeaway is staying positive and watching the energy you radiate and welcome.  

Credit: Pinterest post

For 2020, my word is FEARLESS. I recently read in someone’s Twitter post that “2020 will be the same as every other year if you let your fear stop you from becoming the person you want to be.” Now in general, I believe I am courageous about a lot of things and have exhibited that in my life at times. But I also recognize that more times than not, I have allowed fear to mute my inner lioness and create doubt about myself and capabilities.  And guess what? It is usually because of someone else’s opinion. I have traced it back to my childhood and have since forgiven those who did not know any better all along my 50+ year journey. More importantly, too, is that I have forgiven myself for allowing others to have that much influence in my life and destiny.  

STK Atlanta, December 2019

But no experience is wasted and being fearless, for me, is more about an intentional mindset to use my experiences to better heed my inner voice, boldly pursue my dreams, set aspirational goals, and live an unregrettably fabulous life on my own terms.  I had positive, forward movement in 2019 and plan to build upon that traction. So, to the year 2020, I proclaim that I, Nina Ann Hall, am a lioness (by astrological sign and in my spirit), and you will most definitely experience the effects of my roar.  #FEARLESS

What’s your focus for 2020? Pick one word and find your tribe at And remember, Live your Best Life for YOU!

The gift Mom gave

Mother’s Day can be challenging for those who grew up without their Mom, or lost their Mom as adults. I lost mine tragically to suicide when I was only 15. Yet there doesn’t seem to be an adequate way to acknowledge the memory in the sea of Hallmark moments or gift-buying ideas. If Mother’s Day causes you the blues, the best solution is to create your own moment. Moms give the greatest gift that is possible: LIFE. Regardless of any familial circumstances, she was the vessel that allows you to grow, develop, and evolve to create your own experiences and memories. So what better way than to honor Mom than by living your best life, having no regrets, and making each moment matter. I believe that’s what she would have really wanted for you. So if you have your own kids, be a great Mom to them. If you are childless, celebrate and enjoy the gift of life in your own unique way. Make the memory of your Mom’s gift to you really matter this Mother’s Day and forward on.

#Thrive in 2019

Life always moves forward regardless of circumstances.  Even if you become stuck and are trying to figure out a solution, life lives on. And sometimes the best solutions are patience and time.  Patience to allow the universe to align in your favor and time to allow the work to transpire.

But when you are in the thick of it, it is easier said than done. No one wants to be stuck, feeling emotionally, mentally or physically trapped without answers. It’s a painful, lonely and gut-wrenching experience.

I know. This same feeling has intermittently disrupted my life for 38 years since when my Mom passed in my teen years, and I felt abandoned, unloved and rejected by my family. I’ve been stuck more times than I care to remember trying to navigate life. Sometimes because of circumstances, bad timing or just plain, poor decisions. 

But what has been constant in all my travails is my ability to learn, grow, recover and renew.  So, when it was time for me to again reflect, plan and identify my yearly guide word, I knew “THRIVE” was my word.

Thrive (verb) \ˈthrīv \

1: to grow vigorously FLOURISH

2to gain in wealth or possessions PROSPER

3to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

I remember when I was going through an especially difficult hardship a few years back and feeling depressed, a woman who hired me to do freelance writing said, “you are thriving; you are making it, and that’s something to be proud about.” And more recently, I had a college friend tell me that I make rebounding seem easy, so others can’t see or don’t understand my struggle.”  In both those scenarios, I was so caught up in how I felt or what it looked like, I didn’t even see that I was indeed moving forward and thriving in my life at the age of 53. As my peers are winding down, I’m gearing up and thriving, looking youthful and feeling good. That’s a true blessing and one that should not be taken for granted.

Me at work holiday dinner, South City Kitchen, Midtown Atlanta; December 2018. Photo by co-worker.

So even though it never feels easy or fun to me because I’m living it out, my heart chooses to intentionally thrive in all areas of my life in 2019. My #Dream2018 efforts won’t go to waste because patience and time are on my side. As a matter of fact, several of my dreams began to manifest last year, and I look forward to seeing them thrive in 2019.

#oneword365 #nevergiveup #stayfocused #believeinyourself#

What’s your word for 2019? Pick one and find your tribe at Let’s keep life simple and enjoy every moment!!!