The Idea-A-Day Journal Series

book cover 3d version 4The Idea-A-Day Journal ($8.99). Some people are just full of it. Well, full of ideas and creative imagination, and that’s always a great thing. But what do you do with the ideas? The 132-page Idea-A-Day Journal is designed to capture those moments of inspiration as they occur. Maybe its an idea for a book, storyline, verse of a song, or a new product. Or maybe you just want a handy record of all of your ideas in one place. This journal allows you the creativity to jot down your ideas in their purest form for future reference. Available for purchase now on Amazon.


Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal – B&W ($9.99). Women have great capacity for creativity, ingenuity, and inspired ideas. Sometimes they come as fleeting thoughts in our daily busyness.  The Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal was created specifically to capture those moments. This 132-page journal is complete with monthly motivational quotes and Reflections pages, and daily journal space to capture ideas. For a limited time, introductory price sale of $5.99.


Womens Idea cover

Idea-A-Day Women’s Journal – Color ($25.99).  The same great journal but with a full color interior. This is a great gift item for the closet creative woman in your life.  Available for purchase now at Amazon.





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