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The gift Mom gave

Mother’s Day can be challenging for those who grew up without their Mom, or lost their Mom as adults. I lost mine tragically to suicide when I was only 15. Yet there doesn’t seem to be an adequate way to acknowledge the memory in the sea of Hallmark moments or gift-buying ideas. If Mother’s Day causes you the blues, the best solution is to create your own moment. Moms give the greatest gift that is possible: LIFE. Regardless of any familial circumstances, she was the vessel that allows you to grow, develop, and evolve to create your own experiences and memories. So what better way than to honor Mom than by living your best life, having no regrets, and making each moment matter. I believe that’s what she would have really wanted for you. So if you have your own kids, be a great Mom to them. If you are childless, celebrate and enjoy the gift of life in your own unique way. Make the memory of your Mom’s gift to you really matter this Mother’s Day and forward on.